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The OnlinEvolution of the
Laptop Lifestyle!
Hi, I am Aitak... ops Katia... 
this is my OnlinEvolution!!

I help REGULAR people like me start their OWN business and business owners grow their business to the next level through the OnlinEvolution Laptop Lifestyle. 
Times are changed... are we changed too? 

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One of my PASSIONS! 
Welcome to the OnlinEvolution! 
My name is Katia and I was born and raised in Italy in an amazing family. 
I recently moved to the United States.
AitaK is just my name reversed... to let you be the other side of the story.  
Why Solutions? Because I may be offered the opportunity to guide you to find your way to your OWN Solutions.

The one in the background is me... 
Sorry... on a mobile device you may not have a chance to see me! 

My purpouse, help people start their journey and become business owners and successful entrepreneurs grow their business to the next level through the OnlinEvolution Laptop Lifestyle.
  • I have 3 passions:
  •  Racing Motorcycles... 
    That I have done semi-professionally in Italy.
  • Business...
    A passion that I inherited from my dad.
  • Traveling... 
    To discover the world and
    meet the amazing people that live on Earth.
Moving to United States... the American Dream come true? Not exactly where I started... More on my journey on the About page.

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One of my PASSIONS is Business, so I created a Blog to collect Articles and Resources to help regular people improve their business.
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