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2017 §
The 3 F's...
The truth is… This is the first time I have a sense of peace about my life and business.

AitaK Solutions and AitaK OnlinEvolution are giving me the 3 F's, Family, Freedom and Fitness... see MJ DeMarco "The Millionaire FastLane".

I can travel to Italy and spend time with my loved ones and ride my motorcycles. I am able to spend time in Italy feeding my soul with positive experiences and plan for vacations! A luxury I have never had in the past.

I do my business on my own terms… Like a passion, and not just another job I created for myself. I got where I started… business as a passion... that feeds my passion for riding motorcycles and traveling.

...I feel SO FREE...

After all my ups and downs and struggles, from the worse depression I ever had about myself and my results, I’m so grateful I finally found the program that turned my life around completely… and now I’m in a place where all I want to do is share that same experience with others.

I have the opportunity to join a Charity to provide computers to underserved kids, using my time and expertise to help others and contribute to the community.
The American DreaM?
In 2014 I had the opportunity to emigrate to US... the American Dream, right? Not exactly where I started.
Well, initially for me it was the American nightmare… The beginnings were so hard because the American ‘System’ is not designed for adult immigrants trying to create a life and business in this country…

After 40 years on Earth and 20 years in business, my life was completely resetting and I felt like just graduated and going out there to find the first dream job. Nobody was giving me any credibility.

Five months of research and finally... my beginnings in the US was a contract with a publicly traded company to do internal Consulting and Coaching. Seems an amazing opportunity, isn’t it?

It turned into a nightmare, with no freedom of mind and a fight to do what I am good at, help my team and be able to reach my goals. I made the best out of it, but the truth is that I discovered it was not the right place for me.
I left that job, again unemployed! This created a deep depression where I started digging into the dark side of my soul. My self-doubt was winning the battle and probably the war. I was skeptical about everything. I had lost my identity!

The worst 5 months of my life. I lost my drive and purpose for the first time in my life. Nobody really knew what I was going through because I always smile and did not want to show my vulnerability. To add another first time... not even my dad knew what was going on…

More doubts kept growing in my mind. I looked around me and felt lost. I knew I needed something different. Truth be told, I really wasn’t sure what I was looking for or what exactly I wanted. “Is this a too early middle age crisis?”

I did not want just a job to pay bills and be at the mercy of some corporate guidelines! I knew I was better than that.

Looking for an MBA to learn and move my mind and soul in a better place… I am a learner, maybe I can find something that will tell me what to do… The outcome was even more depressing… I realized it is like buying a condo and not being able to live in it! It will also bring me straight back into the “corporate world.”

“Where do I find something different?”
“How can I travel between US and Italy to spend time with my loved ones?”

Frustration was kicking in and making me even more depressed. I started thinking “Am I crazy?”. Everything around me was so overwhelming and I needed a solution. I decided the only solution was to start my own business… Another ‘System’ to find freedom…

In fact, while on the surface, it seemed very successful… My internal voice was screaming at every move I was making: “I have just created more jobs and work for myself!”

At the same time, my dad passed away and had to close my Italian consulting business. My mentor and reference in life were gone… “Who can now help me?”. I wanted to hide under the covers in my bed and cry forever!

Everything felt like it was crashing down all at once. My internal dialogue started saying: “Everything I have done is wrong!”.

My life was moving faster than my beloved motorcycles and I had no clue as to where I was going. I remember sort of asking myself one day, “What now? What’s next for me? Did I make the wrong decision moving to the US? May I just have to go back to Italy and feel like a loser?”

When everything seemed to be dark, sad and depressing… I was almost packing to go back to Italy and talking to myself all day and night… sounding like a broken record: “Where is my home? Where do I belong?”...
I felt that somewhere there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I was looking for inspiration without even knowing who or what can inspire me… 

“Where is my dad with his wise advice?”

I knew in the deep of my heart that I had an opportunity to turn things 
around. “Am I in the land of opportunities?”.. This I believe… So I started searching, reading, feeding my mind with positive thoughts, actions and habits. Changing my sleeping patterns. Building relationship and friendships that can last here in the US… Surrounding myself with positive and like-minded people...

And then something happened, finally the light I was looking for!
The light turned out to be a program… just a different word for ‘system’! But finally, one that works…

Starting a step-by-step program opened the possibility of working independent of a location… That way, I can be where I want, whenever I want and work on my business as I please.

I believed it was impossible before this program!

I know it might sound cheesy, impossible, and too good to be true… but believe me, I was at the end of the road and everything, including all the ‘systems’ you can think about, did not work for me.

I had to quit a job with nothing else lined up to do. I created a business that was not going anywhere before I found the support I needed.
2014 §
2010 §
Motorcycles and Business...
The first connection between two passions... business and motorcycles!

I had the opportunity to join an Italian startup developing revolutionary vehicles for fun commuting! Three and four wheelers that lean like motorcycles.

I started in Italy and then moved to Switzerland... but still something missing in what I was looking for!
Following my passion for motorcycles, I founded and became the President of RacinGirls. A non-profit organization that promotes racing with young and younger girls looking to become professional riders.

I organized over time different events bringing up to 40 girls on track to experience the racing atmosphere and improve their riding skills.

An amazing experience that filled and fills my free time with wonderful memories!
 2009 §
2003 §
I am the BOSS!!!
My parents are moving back to Italy from US... I wanted to leave the IT world and do something new, Consulting on Real Estate Developments for hard surfaces. 

My dad said "Let's do it!" and made me the boss of this new adventure that lasted till 2008 where we got hit by the US crisis. Yes, we were working a lot with the US market and we got the first hit... then the Italian market came up immediately after that.
I am So Indipendent!
Following my career in the IT industry, I moved to Milan... the heart of the working soul of Italy!

My parents moved to United States and I found myself alone for the first time and discovered how much indipendent I am.
1999 §
1997 §
IT Consultant
Became one of the first 100 Microsoft Certified System Engineers in Italy and started my career as an IT Consultant.

I started travelling around the world and Europe in particular, with a different destination every week and seeing the Corporate World on multinational giants.

My first travel to United States to see the Hearquarters of Microsoft and the Big Apple... an amazing experience!
1st Master Degree in Progress
After graduating from high school, started my life at the University of Verona for a Masters Degree in Economics and Commerce... a wide Business Administration course.

I started being involved in the family business on a part-time basis, helping my dad and learning how to be a business owner.
1992 §
1989 §
Family Business... immediate Love!
My dad founded our family business SMES, Stone, Marketing and Engineering Services.

My love for business was immediate, with all the struggles that bring to the biggest satisfactions. Not easy... but something I wanted for my future.
Verona... My Home Town!
My family moved to Verona... and for a reason that is not a reason I connected to this place. I consider it my home town and I love to go back to see family and friends.

It is also the town of Romeo and Juliet... how can you not love it?

I am now in 6th grade... moving fast to become indipendent and learn more about life. Creating lasting friendships... 
1982 §
1977 §
Moving to Italy
After the first years of my life around the world, we landed again in Rome where I started my formal education and discovering my feelings as a citizen of the world, but Italian.

I started going to school and developing even more my passion for learning... I was really curios and considered the queen of "Whys".
Life adventures... Africa!
Africa? Yes!

I am 2 months old and my family moved to Africa, Tanzania to be specific and after not that much time Nigeria. 

I was still in an age that I could not get everything out of this experience... but it has been a great adventure that left memories and stories really amazing and unique! Unique like my family!
1974 §
1973 §
I was born!
I was born in Italy, in the magnificient city of Rome, at the end of 1973... now you have a clue for the number on my motorcycle!

I consider my family unique... My mother and father have tought us about life and being open-minded to who we want to be and become. I have an elder brother and he is the artist in the family, photographer and movie maker.

My childhood has been amazing and different... maybe I did not appreciate everything from the start, but now I can say that I have had great opportunities in all the phases of my life!
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